Tax & Accounting: Individuals

Annual Tax Returns

Many accounting firms don’t encourage individual personal tax returns but at Goss Accountants we do. We enjoy meeting our individual clients every year and helping them prepare their annual tax returns. Some have been with us for 25 years and we do appreciate the opportunity they have given us to help.

To us it’s more than typing numbers into a computer. We look for all possible deductions and advise our clients of changing circumstances with tax law. We provide an annual newsletter and a very comprehensive Tax Return checklist which many of our clients find useful.

We also have other resources such as equipment use diaries etc. to ensure we are able to include every possible deduction.

During July and most of August we offer extended opening times.
  • Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 6.00pm
  • Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm
  • Saturday 9.00am to 2.00pm

We have many clients with rental properties and we go over all the issues involved with owning a property and claiming all the deductions possible. Our rental income worksheet makes this easier.

We also encourage our clients to obtain a depreciation schedule from a Quantity Surveyor so that all possible depreciation can be claimed.

We offer same day lodgment with the ATO which means most Returns are back within 14 days. In many cases they can take a lot less time.

We also provide the choice for clients to have our fee deducted from your refund if they wish.

We offer qualified accountants to assist so make an appointment with us as soon as possible

Remote Service

Many of our clients prefer to send in their details and have us prepare the return without having to come in for an appointment.

Some have moved away from our area (we prepare returns for clients from Darwin to Townsville to Karratha to Perth!) Others do not have the time to visit us – even with extended hours in July and August.

Once we have all the data we prepare the return and call the client (usually at a pre-arranged time) to go over the data and to clarify any issues.

Please submit this form should you like us to arrange a remote tax return for you this year.